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Tugas Bahasa Inggris "What I want to do next"

These are “What I want to do next”

First of all, let me introduce my self. My name is Erlina Widiya, you can call me Erlina or Erlin. I was born in Jakarta on 17th of January 1994. I am working on a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) company as an IT Support since 2011 until now. So I’ve got my holidays from study around 3rd years, hehe.
Let’s talk about “What I want to do next”. Actually, I am doing one of it now. Yup! Going to a college is one of them. Somebody asked me “Why going to a college ? Why you didn’t choose such as go around the world?”. The reason is because my father had pension from his job (because he is old enough) and I am the last child. All of my brother and sister had married. Now there are just me and my lovely parents left. So I have to go to work first and find a way to go to college by my own. It’s okay, even it’s not really okay for the first time, but I’m happy now. There were so much lessons I’ve learn from it, such as ‘how to treat the other person which older than you, how to manage your salary, how to keep on living no matter how hard the situation is, and etc’. Because of it I can change my teenager mindset into an adult mindset.
Even I’ve got one of it, I still have so many things that I want to do. Just like graduate from college as fast as I can, then with it I’ll get a higher position with higher salary too of course. Then with all my salary I want to buy a house, car or maybe some,hehe. But before that, I want to go to Mecca with my parents, my biggest spirit now and forever. Now I just have to push my self harder and harder to realize it all, so my parents can give me their precious smile and they will feel all the proudness of me.
So that’s all “What I want to do next”. Thank you so much for Ms. Kunti for being my english teacher and read this uncanny essay, and of course all of you who read this blog. :) cheeerss~

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